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Tax Form Information

Here are some useful links and contact information for the IRS, the Illinois Department of Revenue, and the Missouri Department of Revenue: 

The Internal Revenue Service (federal tax information and forms)

Illinois Department of Revenue

Missouri Department of Revenue

Illinois Benefits Access Program (formerly known as the Circuit Breaker)

Taxes 2015Due to budget cuts and the increasing number of people filing their taxes online, the IRS and state revenue agencies have indicated that they will no longer be delivering as many forms and reproducible booklets to libraries across the country. The Hayner Public Library District will receive a copy of the federal reproducible tax forms and instructions. Copies of these reproducible forms and instructions may be made on our copy machines; state and federal tax forms may be printed from the above websites at any Hayner Library location at a cost of 15¢ per page for black/white printouts or 30¢ per page for color printouts.

Please note: The library has no control as to when we will receive the federal reproducible forms. We order the reproducible forms several months in advance and we receive them from the IRS printing office per their delivery schedule (which is unannounced).